Heldig, the Hel­sinki Centre for Di­gital Hu­man­it­ies had its opening symposium on 5.10.2016.

Heldig - opening 5.10.2016

Heldig – opening 5.10.2016

Significant portion of the Mikkeli-based Digitalia’s research team was present as Digitalia will be a contact point towards Heldig utilizing the regional knowledge of digitalization in practice. The room was booked solid  with over 220 registrations, so digital humanism is interesting field for many as can be seen from the Thinkwall of the hashtag #helsinkidh .

In the symposium the various steps leading to the creation of the Heldig centre were visited with acknowledgement of the joint collaborative work, which was required already at the application phase for this focus area of University of Helsinki, but which will also be needed in the following years.

The collaborative nature was also highlighted in  the Professor Patrik Svensson, from University of Umeå, who went through the experiences in building a collaborative, physical phase HUMlab to increase communications and innovations by providing a place for meet-ups, conferences and workshops.


Dariah survey on research practices is now open!

In order to help Heldig further, professor Tolonen also asked everyone to answer and share information about the Dariah-survey, which aims to improve digital research infrastructures.

Dariah survey 2016, at http://bit.ly/dariah-fi

Dariah survey 2016, at http://bit.ly/dariah-fi

Direct link to survey is : (added 12.10.2016) http://surveys.dcu.gr/index.php/422428/lang-en  .

The materials of the symposium are already available at the Heldig website.  Congratulations to Heldig! The current events of the Heldig can be followed by its website http://heldig.fi .