Two interesting events to come:

 “Battle for natural resources” –event @Think Corner

What is the future of our forests, water reserves and minerals? “Battle of natural resources” –event holds three interesting and feisty panel discussion about forest, water, and minerals.

In forest discussion the panellist are Olli Tahvonen, Kirsi Mikkonen, and Anni Arponen. Antti Belinskij, Janne-Markus Rintala, and Suvi Ignatius will discuss water. Anni Huhtala, Kai Kokko, and Petri Peltonen will discuss minerals.

Event will be held at Think Corner at Thursday 19th of April at 5 pm. The event is part of the Hope for Globe event (12.4-25.4).

More information about the event:

The language of the event is Finnish.


Partnerships for sustainable solutions -event @Think Corner

The event will bring researchers and stakeholders together to solve the most instant sustainability challenges through co-creation. The aim is to combine latest academic knowledge to innovations for concrete solutions to sustainability challenges.

In the event Kirsi Mikkonen is pitching about spruce gum and its role of stabilizing food in a sustainable way.

The event is held at Think Corner at Wednesday 16th of May at 2 pm.

Event is in Finnish and registration is needed.

More information about the event:

The event is part of the HELSUS Sustainability Science Days 2018, which will be held as a two-day event from Wednesday to Thursday on 16th-17th May 2018. There are several locations for the event.

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