Aleksandra – Genetics and Molecular Biosciences, MSc

I am Aleksandra, a first-year student in the Genetics and Molecular biosciences Master’s program at the University of Helsinki. My journey started when I packed all my belongings and moved to Helsinki, the previous year’s August. It was an exciting step in my life, as I could join the research of my dream ✨

Ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in every detail of the world surrounding me 🌎 This curiosity only intensified when I started going to school and encountered sciences for the first time. Thus, my passion for science blossomed, driving me to pursue a career in this field 👩‍🔬

During my bachelor’s degree, I realized how two seemingly unrelated fields, biology 🧬 and informatics 💻, are linked to one another. It became my dream to become a specialist in both areas! And now, I was fortunate to receive support from HiLIFE to get such valuable hands-on experience in combining biology and IT during a 4-month traineeship at the Faculty of Medicine. I am very eager to embark on this journey and make the most of this unique experience!

And, of course, I would be happy if you would support and follow my posts for exciting updates 💖

See Aleksandra’s full introduction in Instagram: (posted on February 24, 2023).