Mareena – Translational Medicine, MSc

I’m Mareena, a second-year Translational Medicine student. I’m joining the Brain Targeting Program at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, Boston for a 6-month-long internship.

My work focuses on finding novel targets to enable more effective drug delivery to the brain as the blood-brain barrier blocks most of the drugs from entering. This will enable better treatments and diagnostics for many conditions affecting the central nervous system such as neurodegenerative diseases. 🧠

The program is a collaboration between academia and industry, thus I really get to contribute in the translational field of medicine, bridging the gap between basic and clinical research.

I am excited to start working and sharing my experiences with you here in the HiLIFE Trainee blog ✨

See her Instagram Introduction here: (posted on March 7, 2023).