Research Trainee Scholarships

In 2022, a total of 10 HiLIFE Trainee Research Scholarships were granted to the University of Helsinki life science students. Out of these, 7 completed their internship locally at the University research groups and 1 at a lab abroad.  The remaining 2 internships were postponed until 2023.

Be sure to discover what our inspiring Trainees have been up to during their experiences, and get ready to learn more about different fields of life science!

You will find individual introductions of each Research Trainee by clicking their name on the menu.

About the HiLIFE Research Trainee Scholarships:

The Scholarships aim to open doors for students of the University of Helsinki opportunities to engage in top-level life science research during undergraduate studies (BSc, MSc, Lic). Participants benefit from financial support and guidance from HiLIFE, freedom to pursue their dream research projects in life sciences, series of educative SciComm workshops, and the chance to share their experiences in HiLIFE social media channels.

The scholarships are granted once per year, combining both the local and international traineeship opportunities within the same call.