Conference/Course Grants

You will find introductions for the Conference/Course Grant recipients by clicking the name on the menu.

In 2023, a total of 19 University of Helsinki life science students (BSc, MSc) received a 300 EUR HiLIFE Trainee Conference/Course Grant to attend a course or conference of their interest. The event of their selection could take place locally, or in another country – the granted sum remained the same for all recipients regardless of the destination. The call was open during late 2022, with the condition of conference/course attendance during the spring semester or summer 2023.

As you will notice by reading the blog posts, the students have traveled all over the world, learning a versatile range of theory and practical skills related to their own area of life science. Several students also took part in same conferences/courses, but as some of them still wrote their individual reflections, it is fascinating to see how the learning experiences differ depending on a person.

Enjoy reading the plentiful posts, and see if you can find any tips for yourself! This was our first pilot to the Conference/Course Grants in its current call-based form, thus there are only a few conference-related posts made in previous years.