Gabi, Lola & Maria – East African Flora and Fauna, University of Helsinki courses

Hi, we’re Gabi and Lola! We joined a 2-week course in Kenya given by Mar Cabeza, Daniel Burgas and Pablo Manzano about Human-Wildlife Conflicts in East Africa.

We have interacted with local communities from Mpala, Naivasha and Mara while learning about the local fauna and flora. We have seen many wonderful species and heard stories about when wild animals and people meet 🐘🐆🦒🌳

You can also view this introduction in Instagram: (posted February 9, 2023).

Maria, our third student to explore the beautiful land of Kenya, based her visit on a field course by Prof. Jouko Rikkinen.

The “Flora and vegetation of East Africa” sent the a group of eager students not only to discover the unique flora and fauna of the Taita Hills, but to familiarize themselves with the operations of the local research station that was established by the University of Helsinki in the 2010’s.

Be sure to discover more of Maria’s experience by clicking through to her blog post!