Suvi – Medical Research, MD-PhD

I’m Suvi, young researcher and MD-PhD-student from University of Helsinki. I am curious about the human brain and how it regulates our hunger-satiety-signalling. Through my research in the Obesity Curiosity (OC) project, I hope to understand the roots of the obesity pandemic that poses a major public health issue to humanity practically everywhere.

I am very grateful to HiLIFE for awarding me the Undergraduate Student Research Trainee Scholarship, it allows me to conduct international visiting researcher exchange in the University of Cambridge, Dr. Florian Merkle’s lab for 2.5 months and learn crucial skills needed for the OC! Thank you also for brilliant Dr. Merkle on welcoming me and for his support. You can visit his lab website here:

You can find me in LinkedIn if you wanna exchange thoughts about science!

Read more about Suvi’s passion for science in Instagram and be sure to follow HiLIFE Trainees: (posted June 3, 2023).

*Photo credit: Senni Miettinen