Rafeul – Genetics and Molecular Biosciences, MSc

I am Rafeul, who came to Helsinki all the way from Bangladesh. The HiLIFE Research Trainee Scholarship had provided me with an incredible opportunity to conduct my traineeship in University of Helsinki, which has been a perfect boost to kickstart my scientific career.

In a series of stories, I shall share my research with you, and also explaining some exciting fun things as well!

The traineeship stint was 6 weeks in a molecular biology lab where i had got hands on training on how to approach the research question of mitochondrial morphology and its underlying biology through in silico methods. The rest part of my traineeship was conducted in a high throughput lab, where I performed in silico and in vitro analysis to facilitate drug testing through the exploitation of mitochondrial genomics.

See more inspiring photos on Rafeul’s original Instagram introduction: https://www.instagram.com/p/CtjH7DSqnFs/ (posted on June 16, 2023).