Latest publications

Magnusson Sporre, C., & Palojoki, P. (2023). Educating professionals fit for the future: Applying the Conscious meal model in food services. teoksessa  TORE WRETMAN SYMPOSIET Svensk måltidsforskning i ett internationellt perspektiv 1–2 november 2022 (Sivut 80-82). Örebro universitet.

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Haapaniemi, J., Janhonen-Abruquah, H., Koppel, K., McGarvie, S., Palojoki, P., Rendahl, J., Rödin, M., Åbacka, G., Vänt, T., & Taar, J. (2023). Navigating digital challenges together: cooperation of researchers and subject teachers. IN: Publications from the INTED conference 2023

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