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STE(A)M for Home Economics and Research Exchange (SHAREE), funded (2024) by the European Commission is a project involving Tallinn University, University of Helsinki and St Angela’s College (Atlantic Technological University) Ireland. The project aims to develop a European-scale research and innovation-based hub at Tallinn University – Science Kitchen, with sustainable management and research performance, strong networking and finance generation capacity to become an independent and internationally recognised actor in the field of Home Economics.

STEAMkitchen (STEAM), funded (2024) by ERASMUS+ Strategic collaboration project: KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education. The Partners are: Tallinn university (coordinator); University of Helsinki; University of Stavanger, Norway and Johannes Kepler University, Austria. The Expert Partners are: University of Eastern Finland; University of Gothenburg; University College of Teacher Education Vorarlberg, Austria; The Norwegian Association for Food & health in Education, and  St. Angela’s College, Ireland. The project aims to reach changed teacher training practices that would support increased capacity for implementing STEAM into home economics learning practices and it seeks professional development of the stakeholders in teacher education (academic staff, student teachers, in-service teachers).

Food Education Network North (FENN), funded by Nordplus Higher Education (2023) is a Nordic-Baltic network of 5 universities. University of Agder, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, University of Gothenburg, University of Helsinki and Tallinn University have combined their expertise in the area of food education (FE). FENN brings together universities involved in teaching home economics education at BA and MA levels. The network will create a joint and coherent Nordic-Baltic education area centred on FE, enabling systematic and coordinated collaboration and development of FE based on the latest research and development activities.

The Food Literacy International Partnership (FLIP) is a global collaboration project to support educators and researchers in their work on food education and understanding the world through food. Follow our activities and see the latest webinars here.

HSC-Sweden is a research project aiming to develop Swedish Home and Consumer Sciences by focusing on assessment practices and using food as a pedagogical tool in classrooms. The project is conducted in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg and the University of Helsinki.

CocoEd project is based on long-term collaboration in teacher education between Finnish and Ghanaian partner universities, and it aims to increase the accessibility of quality teacher education to Ghanaian students and develop local teacher education. The project is conducted in cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland, Åbo Academy University and the University of Cape Coast.

Home4Action Blog discusses matters related to Home Economics Education both in schools and at Universities, in Finland and internationally.

Forthcoming: Opeta toisin – kevään 2024 kehittämisideat
Aika: maanantai 29.4.2024,  klo 14.30-17.45 jotta myös kentän opettajat pääsevät mukaan
Paikka: Minervatori
Tule kuuntelemaan, millaisia uusia pedagogisia ideoita maisterivaiheen kotitalousopettajaopiskelijat ovat kehittäneet ja kokeilleet  kevään 2023 aikana.

Opeta toisin-ainedidaktinen kehittämisprojekti;
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