Why don’t I see all my courses in Course overview?

The Moodle update on 10th June 2013 brought new features to Course overview. It is now possible for each user to edit the course list and thus personalize their view based on needs! Note that no course areas have been disappeared in the update.

The default setting for Course overview is to show 10 course areas in the list. If you have more than 10 course areas in Moodle and want them all to be shown in the list, edit the page:

  • On My home page, click on the Customise this page button
  • Select Always Show all in the drop-down menu
  • Edit the order of course areas in the list by dragging-and-dropping the corresponding arrow icons.
  • Click on the Stop customising this page button.

There are more thorough instructions in Finnish in the Opettajan opas at https://wiki.helsinki.fi/x/8A_jBQ.