Moodle-miitti 5.6.2023: sign up as a participant or presenter

On Monday 5.6. at 9-12 a.m., there is a Moodle meetup (hybrid meeting) where teachers present their Moodle courses. You’re welcome if you are interested in Moodle or remote, online and hybrid teaching in general. Moodle-miitti is open to teachers in Finnish educational institutions who use Moodle in their teaching, so feel free to share this announcement.

Suggest a presentation

Is there a Moodle course you’d like to learn more about? Or have you yourself designed one you would like to share with your colleagues? Send us a suggestion for a presentation! Please send your proposals by 14th March 2022 using this form.

The featured Moodle courses may be ones that

  • have received good feedback from students,
  • take different learners and learning pathways into consideration,
  • meet accessibility criteria,
  • is well-suited to large numbers of students,
  • are self-study courses,
  • are visually attractive,
  • create a gamified experience,
  • take international students into consideration, or
  • are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses – open for everyone and there is no limitation for registration)

The idea of the event is to present Moodle courses from a pedagogical point of view. You may present either a short introduction (15 minute talk) or a longer demo (~30-45 minutes) Therefore, the technical settings for activities and other details will not be covered.

Sign up as a participant

You can already sign up for the Moodle-miitti by registrating in the Moodle area Moodle-miitti 5.6.2023. Also remember add event to your own calendar. If you can’t use HAKA-login but wish to attend the event, send us an email to