STS Helsinki Seminar Series

The STS Helsinki Seminar Series is a seminar series by the STS Helsinki research collective. Our aim is to create a space for in-depth conversations about current research in Science and Technology Studies (STS). The seminars function as a platform for strengthening the STS community in Finland and bringing STS to new audiences. All scholars, students and audiences interested in the interaction between science, society and technology are welcome!

Seminar programme 

Spring 2023

4 May, 14:15–15:45, Unioninkatu 35, room 113
Venla Oikkonen, University of Tampere
Anticipating adverse effects: Living with pharmaceuticals in chronic illness

13 April, 14–16, Unioninkatu 35, room 114
Klaus Høyer, University of Copenhagen
Data Paradoxes: The Politics of Intensified Data Sourcing in Contemporary Healthcare

6 April, 14:15–15:45, Unioninkatu 35, room 113
Maya Hey, University of Helsinki
“Working from the Perspective of Microbes”: On Unknowability in Natural Fermentation Practices

9 March, 14:15–15:45, Unioninkatu 35, room 113
Cindy Kohtala, Umeå University
Studying Fab Labs as an Industrial Transitions Movement

Spring 2022

25 May, 13:15–14:45, Unioninkatu 35, room 113
David Moats, Research Fellow, University of Helsinki
The ‘Problem’ with Definitions of Fairness: A Reflection on Interdisciplinarity in AI Ethics

16 March, 13:15–14:45, Metsätalo, Unioninkatu 40, room 18
Aaro Tupasela, Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) Research Fellow , University of Helsinki
When the National Population Becomes a Brand – Marketing National Resources for Global Data Markets

10 February, 14:15–15:45, Zoom
Salla Sariola, Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki
Social study of microbes: fermentation as a method of doing STS otherwise

Past events

Autumn 2021

4 November, 14–16, Unionkatu 35, Helsinki, room 114
Lotte Groth Jensen, Postdoctoral researcher at University of Copenhagen and a Senior Researcher at DEFACTUM
The implementation of personalised medicine in Denmark – A sociotechnical imaginary framing the welfare state

9 December, 14–16
Antti Silvast, Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), DTU Management, Department of Technology, Management and Economics
Mikko Virtanen, Docent, University Lecturer, University of Helsinki
On Theory–Methods Packages in Science and Technology Studies

Spring 2021

21 January, 16:15-17:45
Małgorzata Rajtar, Prof. IFiS/Associate Professor, Institute of Philosophy & Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences/Rare Disease Social Research Center
Health passports and vulnerability: The case of rare diseases

18 March, 14:15-15:45
Sampsa Hyysalo, Professor of Co-Design, Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture
Method matters in the social study of technology: Investigating the biographies of artifacts and practices

29 April, 14:15-15:45
Mikko Ojanen, Information specialist, Helsinki University Library, DataSupport
Engaging with electronic music technology in Finland in the 60s and 70s

27 May, 14:15-15:45
Heta Tarkkala, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Eastern Finland
Visual arts in the presentation of research results in qualitative social science – reflections on collaboration with an illustrator


Thu 3 December, 14:15–14:45, Zoom
Ilpo Helén, professor of sociology in University of Eastern Finland
What does ”sociotechnical” imply? Conceptual fieldwork with a case of data mining in healthcare

Wed 29 January, 14.15–15.45 Room 10, Metsätalo, Fabianinkatu 39.
Jose A. Cañada, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences.
Local enactments of global health: thinking about scale-making with microbes

Wed 26 February 14:15–15:45 Room 11, Metsätalo, Fabianinkatu 39.
Steven Fuller, professor, University of Warwick
Social Epistemology and STS: Can They Survive the Post-Truth Condition?


27 February, 12.15-13.45
Helena Valve, senior researcher, Finnish Environment Institute
Analysing policy processes and power with STS

18 March, 12.15-13.45             
Andrea Butcher, postdoctoral researcher, University of Helsinki
Tackling antimicrobial resistance in biosocially demanding settings: the challenge for low-income regions

26 April, 12.15-13.45
Nik Brown, Professor of Sociology, York University
Materialities of air care: a biopolitics of breath, buildings, bodies and bugs

20 May, 12.15-13.45
Liina-Maija Quist, postdoctoral researcher, University of Helsinki
Undersea uncertainties: Ethnographic engagements with maritime worlds in Mexico (and the US)

15 November, 14.15-15.45
Stephen Turner, Distinguished University Professor, University of South Florida
Expertise and Complex Organizations