Monthly Archives: October 2021

STS Helsinki seminar series 4.11. : Lotte Groth Jensen

Our seminar series continues with a talk by Lotte Groth Jensen with the title “The implementation of personalised medicine in Denmark – A sociotechnical imaginary framing the welfare state

Lotte Groth Jensen is Postdoctoral researcher at University of Copenhagen and a Senior Researcher at DEFACTUM.

Her talk will discuss the implementation of personalized medicine in Denmark from a political and administrative perspective. The presentation builds on work with strategy papers and interviews with different political actors. The analysis shows how political actors find a room for action in a situation where no action is possible at a first glance. They do so by constructing a sociotechnical imaginary which mobilizes the concepts of public and private and places personalized medicine in the public domain. The concepts of public and private are connected to a more fundamental discussion of the organization of society and through strategy papers on personalized medicine, political actors envision and communicate the wished for development of personalized medicine and more fundamentally the welfare state. In this way, the sociotechnical imaginary of personalized medicine becomes a sociotechnical imaginary supporting the continuation of the welfare state and reinforces a particular understanding of the relation between state and the public.

The seminar will be held and Unioninkatu 35, room 114, 4.11. from 2–4 PM.