What is STS?

Science and Technology Studies (STS) is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the interaction between society, science, and technology. STS scholars pay attention to how different fields, such as law, politics, and everyday life, become intertwined with science and technology. The practices of science and technology are seen as part of the society and as such open for analysis and problematizations.

The STS field becomes especially relevant when thinking about heatedly debated current topics as diverse as climate change, the role of experts, medicine, genetics, gender, robotics or organic food. The field calls for a deeper understanding of the development, processes, practices and outcomes of such phenomena. STS scholars try to explain systematically the ways we understand and construct the modern world altogether.

STS explores and problematizes knowledge claims and ontological assumptions that guide our everyday life while trying to see the mechanisms behind them. Or, how one of the most prominent STS scholars, Steve Woolgar, has said in a rather provocative way: look at how the world defined by science and technology “could be otherwise”.