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Call for papers: Collaboration as Social Practice

Collaborative Research Environments and Engagements Across Disciplinary and Institutional Divides

Science Studies Symposium 2022, Helsinki, June 9-10, organized by the Finnish Society for Science and Technology Studies (FSSTS)

See the symposium website:

The necessity of interdisciplinary research collaboration and partnering across professional and institutional divides is mainstream discourse in today’s academic culture. Funders are keen to support collaboration for innovative results and effective scientific and technological solutions that match the complexity of societal problems. Below this general desire for interdisciplinarity, the aspects, benefits, and problems of actuating collaboration across disciplinary and institutional divides are a matter of situated practices, conventions, and tacit understandings of how collaboration can be made to work – if it can be made to work.

Are these engagements and collaborations delivering what they promise? What are the promises? How do we collaborate? What triumphs, difficulties and challenges are typical to these arrangements in practice?


· Petri Ylikoski, University of Helsinki

· Nicholette Priaulx and Martin Weinel, Cardiff University

· Salla Sariola, University of Helsinki

· Antti Silvast, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

The 2022 FSSTS symposium invites both track proposals for panel sessions and individual presentation proposals:

1. Track proposals

· Should broadly relate to the CFP themes. The deadline for track proposals (300-450 words) is February 15, 2022. Send your proposal to

2. Individual presentations

· We invite individual presentations (10-15 minutes) relating to the CFP themes – presentations can be A) topically independent, or B) they can be directed to the suggested tracks. Please submit an abstract of max 250 words to The deadline for these submissions is April 1, 2022.

Suggested tracks include thematic considerations, methodological reflections on collaboration, the promise of transdisciplinary approaches, the role of affects and affective labor in research collaboration, gender features in collaborative context, collaboration and societal impact, research ethics in collaboration, and collaboration stories