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Note! Some of the blog entries are scheduled posts that will open on the publishing date at 12 pm Finnish time (EET/ EEST).

Blog entries:

24.10.2022 T-Bone Slim ja hankkeemme tutkijoita Tervetuloa, tervemenoa-podcastissa
20.10.2022 T-Bone Slim’s Forgotten Finnish-Language Writings in the IWW Press
5.10.2022 T-Bone Slim Database – First Steps
21.9.2022 Creosote Boxcars
14.9.2022 Juuret Suomessa – Kuinka löysin kadonneen kappaleen sukuhistoriaani
7.9.2022 Newspaper Symposium 2022 : New Exciting Finds from the Archive
24.8.2022 New Interpretations: Night of the Arts 2022 ENG / Uusia tulkintoja: Taiteiden yö 2022 FIN
17.8.2022 Finding My Finnish Roots text by John Westmoreland
10.8.2022 Kenttätyömatka Kälviälle (translation of the text published on 20 May)
3.8.2022 Research Trip to Minnesota, Ohio, & Pennsylvania
27.7.2022 Ashtabula materials: Self-help from 1911
13.7.2022 Ashtabula materials:Folk Poetry and Songs
29.6.2022 Ashtabula materials: Religious Visions
15.6.2022 Ashtabula materials: A Piece of Saloon Life
11.6.2022 “Weary Years”: A Retrospective 101 Years Later
1.6.2022 Ashtabula materials: Pohjantähti Newspaper Part II
25.5.2022 Ashtabula materials: Pohjantähti Newspaper Part I
20.5.2022 Research Trip to Kälviä
13.5.2022 Ashtabula Research Materials
12.5.2022 Who Killed T-Bone Slim? Part II
11.5.2022 Who Killed T-Bone Slim? Part I
10.5.2022 Welcome to our blog!

T-Bone Slim Quote: "Facts are most explosive element known. Detailed knowledge places next."