TIAS / Post-Comprehensive educational trajectories and transiting policies

EDUTRA (Post-Comprehensive educational trajectories and transiting policies) University of Turku, Faculty of Education

The research paradigm stems from the notion of the emergent old and new forms of educational inequalities. Although the equality of education is challenged by many societal changes, the research focusing on educational transitions rarely combines the sociological and educational sciences. Hence, it is necessary to develop the interdisciplinary understanding about successful policies and practices supporting educational transitions.

TIAS / EDUTRA aims at answering the question how is the post-comprehensive and post-secondary transition enabled in a certain context of transition. The aim is to focus on the transiting policies at two national levels; Finland and Sweden.  The data composes of documents and interviews conducted with a group of local education authorities (study counsellors, administrative staff, principals, e.g.).

Key words:
Educational transitions
Equality of education
Career counselling and guidance
Education policy

EDUTRA will be conducted 2020–2023 by Mira Kalalahti  (Collegium Researcher, TIAS, Turku Institute for Advanced Studies).