Post-Comprehensive educational trajectories and transiting policies (EDUTRA)

EDUTRA pages features research-based knowledge on educational transitions and trajectories in Finland. In corporation with the Universities of Helsinki and Turku the  research projects involved investigate young people’s educational transitions, models of study guidance and counseling and governance of transiting policies.  Knowledge is produced with research outcomes and blog texts for researchers, study counsellors and educational authorities. You can find news, publications and projects’ descriptions under the main menu.

Research projects (see also researchers):

Transitions and educational trajectories of immigrant youth: A 4-year longitudinal study from compulsory to further education (TRANSIT)

Employability, Education and Diversities (EMED)

Empowering social capital within educational trajectories: enhancing the interaction between young people, school authorities, and families (EMPOWER)

The Dynamics of Transition Policies – The governance of guidance and counselling in post-comprehensive educational transitions in Finland (DTP)

Post-Comprehensive educational trajectories and transiting policies (EDUTRA)