Huomattavaa häiriötä ilmastonmuutoksesta – CONSIDERABLE DISTURBANCE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE

Text and photos by Yongmei Gong

10 June 2018

Our action will not only stay on Vallisaari. The Vallisaari group has decided to join force with actor and performer Laura Marleena Halonen et al. in their performative pilot project Ilmastokirkko (‘The Climate Church’). The project takes the church’s ritual of continuous Sunday gatherings and invites artists, researchers and people with different background to personally contribute to tackling climate change challenge.

The connection between science, art and climate activism continues and starts again in the center of Helsinki during the considerable Disturbance About Climate Change event n June 10th, 2018.

By taking over the public space the event try to engage the citizens to create political social choreographies dealing with the subject of climate change and try to answer these questions:

How to interfere the street view that truncates the people as consumers? What would be enough considerable disruption for climate change? What are the means of cultural disturbance to deal with climate change? How can cultural disturbance be genuinely influential, modern-day activity? How to find the courage to break the social norms of public space?

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