Back to the sit spot

Text and photos by Lauri Heiskanen

5 July 2018

I had some free time today so I went to check out how Vallisaari had changed in these couple of months.

First of all, badgers had moved in into my sit spot. I quess I’m ok with that. Seems like I don’t own that sit spot, even though in my mind the place somehow belonged to me. Maybe I needed to build some walls around it and fill in the proper certificates. And then charge rent from the badgers.

So I had to choose a new sit spot nearby. Still a great view of the sea, a field of flowering fireweeds (maitohorsma), and dead birches. The long drought that began before the camp has caused the death of most of the birches that grew on the rocks around the island.

I hope you didn’t have a favourite birch…

The nature had recovered quite well from our camping activity; grasses were growing tall at the tent site and the pathways we created were being overgrown by weeds.




And then it rained.

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