Survey Results on Postal Voting Published

Some of the results on the voting method and postal voting questions in the FACE survey are published as a part of the Finnish National Election Study 2019 (in Finnish).

The chapter 14 ”Kotini on vaalikoppini: joustavien äänestysmuotojen merkitys yhdenvertaiselle poliittiselle osallistumiselle” by Johanna Peltoniemi, Marjukka Weide & Hanna Wass for instance reveals that women are more inclined to use the postal voting method than men, and that the likelihood of postal voting is strongly related to the distance between an elector’s home and the polling station. The likelihood of postal voting is 20-fold for those living more than 200 km away from the polling station compared to those living at a less than 10 km distance. The chapter also includes a thematic analysis of written responses on postal voting submitted through the survey, identifying various timing related issues and the requirement of witnesses as the most commonly commented problems of postal voting.

A short presentation of the main points can be read here (in Finnish):

FACE Project Manager Johanna Peltoniemi was interviewed by SSS-Radio (Tallin, Estonia) about the results:

Publication reference:

Borg, Sami; Kestilä-Kekkonen, Elina; Wass, Hanna (Eds.) 2020. Politiikan ilmastonmuutos. Eduskuntavaalitutkimus 2019. Oikeusministeriön julkaisuja, Selvityksiä ja ohjeita 2020:5. Helsinki: Oikeusministeriö.

The publication (in Finnish) can be downloaded as a pdf at:

Distance and Trust Crucial in Postal Voting

The FACE survey data suggests that adoption of postal voting among Finnish citizens residing abroad is dependent on two different type of factors: On the one hand, voting via post helps to overcome distance between a voter’s residency and the nearest polling station organized by a diplomatic mission (mostly an embassy or a consulate). On the other hand, this way of voting also requires enough trust that the postal service and designated state office will successfully deliver one’s vote all the way to the ballot box, as the result cannot be effectively verified without violating the ballot secrecy. Johanna Peltoniemi and Miroslav Nemčok published a short news article about this topic in Suomen Silta 2/2020, page 7:


We now invite Finnish citizens abroad to contribute to the research by their thoughts and personal experiences of postal voting. What makes you trust or distrust the Finnish postal voting system? If you have voted, or tried to vote, through postal voting, how did it go? Contact us at if you’d like to participate!

“Teaser” Now Online

The Journal Siirtolaisuus Migration by the Migration Institute of Finland published a short piece on our project! See page 14-16 (text in Finnish).

Our next publication will a chapter in the Finnish National Election Study (FNES) 2019 that will come out in July.

Stay tuned for more results! They will appear by theme/research problem in various scientific publications, some in Finnish, others in English.

Data Collection Closed

The FACE online survey has now been closed for responses. Heartfelt thanks to all those you contributed with their answers.

FACE-verkkokyselykaavake on nyt suljettu. Lämpimät kiitokset kaikille osallistujille!

FACE-enkäten har stängts. Tusen tack till alla som deltog!


Two New Researchers in the Team

We are proud to announce that the FACE team has grown with two additional members, Miroslav Nemčok and Kimmo Makkonen who will both start working with the data after the survey has been closed in October. Miroslav Nemčok will focus on the themes of trust and democracy satisfaction in the survey data; Kimmo Makkonen will work on parliamentary discussions regarding expat Finns’ rights as well as the text material produced through the survey open questions.

The team gathered for an afternoon seminar meeting on 21 August with the following agenda:

13.30 Johanna Peltoniemi: FACE-project and previous research on the topic
Slides: FACE Afternoon 12.8.2019 JP

14.00 Marjukka Weide: Survey data and qualitative research of the project

14.30 Hanna Wass: Register data

15.00 Coffee break

15.15 Kimmo Makkonen: LDA topic models

15.45 Miroslav Nemčok:Trust and democracy satisfaction / Political identification
Slides: FACE meeting MN

16.15 Staffan Himmelroos: Greetings from Diaspora-project

Survey DL extended to 30 September

The survey DL has been extended to 31 August 30 September 2019 as we still need more participants.

If you have received the invitation – your personal code is still valid. Please do fill in the survey at

If you have not received an invitation but would like to participate – please write to us at and we will be in touch with you.

Thank you to all those who already have taken the time to participate. Every response is valuable.