Meet our Alumna! Dancing with multicultural children

saara saturo_blogName: Saara Saturo
Study field: Religious Roots of Europe Master’s Programme
Graduation year: 2013
Employer and position: Danceteam International (Formerly COO nowadays Head of Finance) and Head of Danceteam Africa as well as dancer and dance instructor

How did you end up studying in the Religious Roots of Europe Master’s programme?

I was born in Finland and studied there my whole life. I was studying my bachelor in the faculty of theology in Helsinki University when I heard of the programme. I had been looking for something international that would expand my field of study away from purely theological fields. RRE seemed like a good option and i decided to apply.

RRE interested me mainly due to the comparative aspect of three Semitic religions and how they have influenced each other and the modern western culture. Also the international aspect of the programme with 24 students in different countries was appealing. The study method of distant studies in own home universities with intensive seminars was also perfect for me at that time.

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Interactions in Urban Space – Meeting each other and interacting in the city

The story began several years ago in my freshman year as a geography student. One day in a lecture a friend of mine asked me to join him in a monthly meeting and a newbie’s evening of an international student organization, EGEA Helsinki. On my own I never would have gone to the meeting, but with friends I became interested and enthusiastic. EGEA Helsinki is an entity of EGEA Europe (European Geography Organization for geography student and young geographers), which organizes various kind of events in Finland and in the European level. It was easy to participate in the events and already in my first year of studies I found myself travelling in Poland for an EGEA exchange. Continue reading “Interactions in Urban Space – Meeting each other and interacting in the city”

Student Ambassadors in dialogue in Beijing

The Student Ambassador programme was launched at the university two years ago. The university waves the baton, but making the music sound fresh is ultimately down to the team of current student ambassadors.

Among the student ambassadors are M.A. students Chen Shuo and Dong Junru from China, who act as ambassadors and provide vital support to fellow international students in getting to know the university.

Celebrate the Finnish Independence Day: University Student’s Torch Procession on 6th December

soihtukulkue_blogiOn Saturday 6th December the student unions of the capital region (HYY, AYY, TaiYo and SHS) organise the traditional Independence Day torch procession of university students.

Academic youth from the capital region have celebrated the Finnish Independence Day together since 1951, the year when Marshal of Finland C.G.E. Mannerheim died. The route follows his funeral cortege route in opposite order, starting from the Hietaniemi cemetery and ending at the Senate square. Students follow their respective student organization flags with torches in their hands, and wear their white Finnish student caps for this celebration. Continue reading “Celebrate the Finnish Independence Day: University Student’s Torch Procession on 6th December”

Claus Elholm Andersen: International Teacher of the Year 2014

Elholm Claus_2603-14_flammaphoto HY_Linda Tammisto copyEach year the Student Union of the University of Helsinki honours an international teacher who has made a unique contribution to the learning opportunities for their students.

Three years ago Claus Elholm Andersen said goodbye to the California sun and moved to Finland to teach Nordic literature and the Danish language at the University of Helsinki. This week his efforts at the University were rewarded with the Best International Teacher of the Year prize. Andersen received the prize during the International Evening. Continue reading “Claus Elholm Andersen: International Teacher of the Year 2014”

Next application period opens on December 1, 2014

viikki_labra_purkinkatselija2_veikkosomerpuro_400x281Thinking of study, but not sure where?  Find out what our international students and graduates have to say about us – The University of Helsinki might be the perfect match for you!

For international applicants the University of Helsinki offers a comprehensive selection of multidisciplinary, two-year International Master’s Programmes. They provide students with skills needed in demanding professions and give a solid foundation for doctoral studies.

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International evening, November 11 – come as you are!

rehtori ja ilmapalllotRector Jukka Kola invites all international scholars, staff and students to join for drinks and snacks  in International Evening at the University Main Building, 1st floor Cafeterias, on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 5 p.m.

Good music, talking, and meeting new friends will charge your batteries before the winter.

Come as you are, no registration is  needed for this yearly and popular event.