Getting things Finnished!

There are many reasons why people decide to study the Finnish language. It might be the language of their favourite musicians, the almost mythical status that Finnish holds in the domain of the complicated languages or the fact that they are living\intend to live in Finland – for me, it was a mixture of all those.

At first, the language can impresses by its uniqueness: as you might have heard, Finnish bears little resemblance with other European languages and its grammar and vocabulary surely demand a certain stretch of mind from most people. But don’t let that discourage you; the Finnish language can be like that untouched thick book in your last shelf, that just enchants you when you decide to read the first pages!

Veruscka with some other Intensive Finnish Course Students.

A great step to help you getting started in the enterprise of cracking the Finnish Language can be the Intensive Finnish Course, offered by the Helsinki Summer School. If you are accepted to Master’s degree programme, you can apply to this course. I have taken the course in 2013 and it was an invaluable experience; here’s why:
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Meet our Alumna! The research internship convinced Laura to the academic career

laura sibinescu

Name: Laura Sibinescu
Study field: Political Science
Graduation year: 2012
Employer and position: PhD student, Department of Political and Economic Studies, University of Helsinki

How did you end up in Finland?

A few months before receiving my Bachelor’s degree I started looking into Master’s programmes on European studies. I wasn’t really satisfied with the options until one of my professors suggested I check what the University of Helsinki has to offer. This is how I found the Master’s Degree Programme in European Studies (MES), which was by far the best fit for my interests. There was quite a short time between discovering the programme and coming to Finland, so you could say that my decision to move here was pretty spontaneous. But I’m glad I followed through on it. Continue reading “Meet our Alumna! The research internship convinced Laura to the academic career”

Helsinki stole my heart and transformed me from Erasmus to Master’s Degree Student

katarinaThe beginning of my international master story dates back to the spring of 2011 when I was deciding where to spend my next semester as an Erasmus exchange student. After a very long consideration of all the other possibilities, I chose Helsinki, a nice city with a well-known university. From the point of view of a real ice-hockey fan, Finland itself seemed like a very interesting country and promised a lot of unforgettable experiences. Though, at that time I didn’t know that this place will reserve a special spot in my heart forever. Continue reading “Helsinki stole my heart and transformed me from Erasmus to Master’s Degree Student”

Activities in Helsinki

ulkoruokailua2Streat Helsinki celebrates street food in March 2014. Streat Helsinki events, named EATS, TALKS and PARTIES, include a lot of talk, but also actions, not forgetting some celebratory partying.

The Streat Helsinki EATS street food festival takes over the Tori Quarters on 22 March. During the event, city dwellers get to enjoy pioneering street food from international street kitchens and street food treats from a large group of Finnish and international street food experts. The Tori Quarters are located right next to the University Main Building between Market Square and Senate Square. The event is open for all and free of charge.

At the same weekend Living room exhibition changes homely habitations to art galleries. For two days contemporary art from different countries will be exhibited in private room of Helsinki. Check out some art and homes at 21st and 22nd March!

Photo: Maija Astikainen / Streat Helsinki

Meet our alumna! Megan combined natural resource management and policy in her studies


Name: Megan McCormick
Study field: Forest Sciences and Business; Forestry Policy and Economics
Graduation year: 2011
Employer and position: Pöyry Management Consulting, Bioenergy Analyst

Hi Megan, how did you end up in Finland?

Recently after having graduated from my Bachelor’s degree at Towson University in Maryland, USA, I was researching my opportunities to continue my education abroad. At this time, some mutual friends of mine had studied abroad in Finland and introduced me to their Finnish friends, who informed me that pursuing a Master’s degree in English was possible, and I decided to look into that option. The conditions were (nearly) ideal: a developed country, the program in English, low registration and tuition fees and an opportunity to travel. Continue reading “Meet our alumna! Megan combined natural resource management and policy in her studies”

Meet our new international student ambassadors!

Our new international student ambassadors getting ready to share their insights and experiences on studies, career and life in Helsinki!

The best way to learn about University of Helsinki is from the students who are here now! Our Ambassadors will share their insights and experiences on studies, career and life in Helsinki. Student ambassadors volunteer to help others get to know UH.
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The world will come to us in August

Last year, approximately 400 students from over 60 countries took part in the courses organised by the Helsinki Summer School.

HSS Katajanokka-14_isoThis August, the Helsinki Summer School will again provide international students with the opportunity to try out Finnish university studies with its three-week summer courses. University of Helsinki students can also apply.

This year marks the 15th annual Helsinki Summer School. The courses cover several disciplines and are offered by different universities. The participating universities for the second year in a row will be the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and the Hanken School of Economics. Continue reading “The world will come to us in August”

Unisport: A place to warm the winter up

Avajaiskarnevaalit 2011-34
Unisport at the Opening carnival. Photo Veikko Somerpuro / UH.

As a student in University of Helsinki, one can enjoy countless discounts and benefits such as meals, accommodation, transportation, flexible-study opportunities…

However, the one that I have enjoyed most so far, is doing sports. And Unisport is just the place. It offers students wide range of services including group training and gym, individual services, court and gym reservations, courses and ball sport with very favorable prices. But the quality and facility are by no mean discounted. It operates in all campuses thus greatly facilitates the students’ needs. The free Sauna is another big plus. Continue reading “Unisport: A place to warm the winter up”