Active students, student life and campuses

Student life is rich and diverse in Helsinki. All undergraduates and graduate students at the University of Helsinki are members of the Student Union (HYY). Approximately 250 various student organisations operate within HYY and they organise thousands of events every year.

Picture: CISSI

Furthermore there are faculty and department clubs, interest groups and clubs, the Student Nations, etc. They all have their own style of doing things, however it may be connected to a major, a hobby, an ideology, or even to the region where the students originally came from. If you enjoy singing, sports, or the theatre, you will find many choirs, orchestras, sports clubs, and theatre groups you can join in. Or maybe you’d like to start something entirely new like a couple of our International Student Ambassadors did. Continue reading “Active students, student life and campuses”

The Flora Day

The Flora Day is the second official celebration of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. It is the joyful spring festival of all university students, celebrated every year on 13th May at Kumtähti Field in Toukola, right next to Kumpula Campus.

floorafb_pienempiUniversity students have celebrated a spring festival at least from the beginning of the 19th century, and Kumtähti Field was established as the place for the celebration already in the 1830’s. Continue reading “The Flora Day”

Ask a Students Ambassador Day for new students!

Do you want to know about studying at the University of Helsinki and living in Helsinki? Or do you have questions concerning  for example housing, social life, language or weather in Finland? Maybe you are still wondering whether to participate in the Intensive Finnish Course for new Master’s Degree Students or not. (Btw. Correct answer is, yes you should 🙂 )


Luckily, you may get answers to your questions from our International Student Ambassadors, who have been in Finland already at least a year. Our Ambassadors will share their insights and experiences in studies, career and life in Helsinki on 28th May on New Students at the UH -FB-page!

Please notice that ambassadors won’t be answering questions about admissions. For admissions info, please check out admission website.

Working while studing

Close to seventy per cent of University students work while they study – at least during some periods of their academic career; and most of them manage combine work and study. Mian, one of our International student ambassadors decided to share with you his working life experiences.

mian working_pieni(1)When I came to Finland, I got lucky and found a job through a reference in Itella Posti Oy (Finnish Postal Service). I have been working as an early morning paperboy since 2012.  Being a paperboy suits me very well, as the working time is only 4 hours during the night. So that doesn’t conflict with studies really.

Chances to get a job in Helsinki, depend on your contacts, skills, will and, of course, your luck. I have noticed that, if you know the Finnish language, it is easy to get a student job around the city. Otherwise, it might get a bit trickier but not impossible. Not even close to it.

Many of the international students find summer positions at the university and in most cases contract actually continues throughout their studies. Others like me prefer a job that balances mental and physical tasks.

In my experience, Helsinki is the internationalized city with jobs of different kinds to offer. Nevertheless to get one you have to be active. Good places to start job seeking are departments note boards and an official labour exchange website.

Good to know: University of Helsinki Career services provides all UH students with support in career planning, job seeking, traineeships and thesis commissions. Read more about working while studying.

Text and picture:
Mian Awais Ahmad
International student ambassador

University phone numbers to change

numerot_isoThe numbers for landline phones at the University of Helsinki will change on Thursday 24 April 2014.

The mobile numbers and short extension numbers currently in use will remain unchanged.

What will change?

Phone numbers which currently begin with the digits 09 191 will begin with 02941 after the changeover;

Meet our Alumna! Miryam’s advice: Listen intuition, value imagination, love a sense of curiosity, and learn how to sympathize with others

Miryam_headshotMiryam Haarlammert
Study field: Art Theory, Criticism, and Management
Graduation year: 2013
Employer and position: Program and Communications Associate at American Architectural Foundation

Hi Miryam, how did you end up in Finland?

I applied to study at the University of Helsinki after working for a Miami-based nonprofit for a year. I wanted to obtain a Master of Arts, and the Art Theory, Criticism, and Management program at University of Helsinki was attractive because it was dynamic and comprehensive. Also, location and sense of place are important to me, and I knew that I would have to study in a different country, with different values and customs, to obtain the type of education I was seeking. Continue reading “Meet our Alumna! Miryam’s advice: Listen intuition, value imagination, love a sense of curiosity, and learn how to sympathize with others”