Meet our Alumna! Sarah Stephan works with research and hands-on project management in the area of gender equality


Name: Sarah Stephan
Study field: Public International Law
Graduation year: 2008
Employer and position: The Åland Islands Peace Institute, researcher & project manager

Hi Sarah, how did you end up in Finland?

I first came to Finland as an exchange student in 2006/07 due to the Faculty of Law’s excellent English-language curriculum in international law. I then decided to pursue even my LL.M. studies at the faculty.

What encouraged me most to continue my studies in Helsinki was the open and encouraging attitude of my teachers, who at all times took my research interests seriously and provided me with excellent supervision and spot-on feedback. I enjoy deliberative environments and liked about my studies in Helsinki that a lot of the teaching is interactive and aimed at encouraging reflection. Continue reading “Meet our Alumna! Sarah Stephan works with research and hands-on project management in the area of gender equality”

Meet HYY at the Welcome fair and the Opening carnival

Dear new student,

the Student Union of the University of Helsinki will also be present at the Welcome fair during Wednesday and Thursday. You will have the possibility to pay the membership fee in cash and get to know the student union benefits better. It is also possible to join the Student Union at the office at Mannerheimintie 5 A, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. The deadline for the membership fee payment is on September 1st. Continue reading “Meet HYY at the Welcome fair and the Opening carnival”

Why to join the Student Union of the University of Helsinki?

The concept of student union was not new to me as it exists in almost every country. Still, when I came to Finland, I was astonished by the functioning and influence of student unions in Finland.

When I got accepted in the University of Helsinki, for the confirmation of my admission I was supposed to pay around 100 euro for Helsingin yliopiston ylioppilaskunta (HYY) [The student union of the University of Helsinki]. I admit this didn’t make me very happy. At that time, I assumed HYY is just some other student union which probably won’t do anything. Again to my surprise, I was totally wrong.

Before I go any further, I would like to make a little introduction about HYY. It came into being in 1868 making it the oldest students union in Finland. Due to its rich history, culture and well-structured organization it has always made a big influence on the National politics of Finland. Apart from its extensive history HYY is the largest in Finland with approximately 32,000 members and making it one of the richest student unions.

Viikki kesa¦êkuu 2014-30
Mian and Li at the Ladonlukko Unicafe restaurant.

Where does all this money and influence go? Continue reading “Why to join the Student Union of the University of Helsinki?”

Browse the new International Master’s Programmes brochure!

kansi2015One of the world’s leading universities is looking for bright new students. Think clear, head north!

University of Helsinki is among the world’s leading multidisciplinary research universities regularly reaching the Top 100 in global university rankings. Helsinki has been ranked as the World’s Most Livable City and Finland as the World’s Best Country. Finland is also in the Top 10 of most highly educated nations in the world. Could the conditions for getting your academic career started be any better?

For international applicants UH offers a comprehensive selection of research-oriented two-year International Master’s Programmes. Browse the new brochure for more information about the programmes, admissions and student life from here!

By the way, the next application period begins December 1, 2014 and closes January 30, 2015 at 16:00 (GMT +2). Please note that the University of Helsinki has only one application period per year for graduate students.

Running in Finland: An International Student’s Perspective

bridge_austinMy name is Austin Sears and I am currently one of University of Helsinki’s International Student Ambassadors. Last year I checked out the Midnight Run on a whim after seeing the Facebook post about it and found myself cheering on the runners from the steps of the University’s Main Building in the Senate Square. I thought about participating, but I was recovering from an injury I got while running last summer.

This year is a bit different. Like Dina, who wrote this handy little guide, I am participating in the Midnight Run on August 30th and I am very excited about it! Continue reading “Running in Finland: An International Student’s Perspective”

Meet our alumnus! Tianyan Liu “Computer Science is revolutionizing all aspects of our lives”

tianyan liu_universityofhelsinki
Tianyan Liu holding the Alumnus’ speech at the International Graduation Event, May 2011.

Tianyan Liu
Study field: Computer Science (Intelligent Systems), minor in Economics
Graduated: 2010
Employer and position: Viivamedia Oy, Software Developer

Hi Tianyan, how did you end up studying computer science in Finland?

My dad used to work in the Chinese Embassy, and I came here to study when I was 18. What motivated me to study Computer Science was the fact that computer related technologies have become the force that is revolutionizing all aspects of our lives. It has a good job prospect, and is also important for basically any career path. During my studies, what motivated me were the interesting studies provided by the university, and the brilliant people around me. Continue reading “Meet our alumnus! Tianyan Liu “Computer Science is revolutionizing all aspects of our lives””

Get involved in the community of students

uusi100vThe active and diverse community of students at the University of Helsinki is something unique, and one of the biggest upsides of the university. All degree students are automatically part of the Student Union (HYY) – and what’s best, also the exchange students may join it!

The Student Union is for providing friends and benefits for its members: It is home to 250 different student organizations, it organizes events, offers services and supports in difficult situations. In addition to the services and events organized by HYY, also the student organization within HYY such as student nations or faculty organizations are offering great variety of activities, from board game nights to huge parties and from choir singing to dinner parties – so something for everyone, basically!

The handiest and funniest way to get to know about the Student Union is taking part in welcoming events organized in collaboration by HYY and university: Welcome Fair for international students in Aug 27 – 28, the Opening Carnival in Sep 1 or the Freshman adventure (Fuksiseikkailu) in Sep 25.

Joining HYY is easy: just visit the website to get to know about everything HYY has to offer, then follow the instructions to pay the membership fee and ta-dah: You’re a member!

Join HYY
– Follow us on Facebook.

Text and picture: HYY

Getting ready for the Midnight Run: solo runs or in a group?

Midnight run pikkukuvia-16We will not surprise anyone by carrying a winning smile and a happy attitude during the Midnight run, as most people will have those on as well. The ability to wear them in case we like is precious though, and few things are better for building up the confidence than fitting in some training beforehand. Practicing running solo or in a group – each has its perks.

We will start the 5-10 km runs every Saturday at 10 am. Check out the schedule at the end of the post and join us! Continue reading “Getting ready for the Midnight Run: solo runs or in a group?”

July is a summer vacation month

HSS Nuuksio-53July is here and that means that life at the University of Helsinki is slowing down.

Most of the staff is on summer holidays in July, so we ask you to be patient if you do not get an answer to your email straight away.

We’ll be back at the beginning of August and we hope to see all of you new students at the Welcome Fair on August 27-29, 2014!

More information on the Welcome Fair and the orientation is available on the Orientation website.

Wishing you a sunny and warm summer!

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Photo: Veikko Somerpuro