Who gets the biggest share? – HYY’s Representative Council elections 4th-5th November

The Representative Council elections of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) will be organised on 4-5 Nov. In the elections, the highest decision-making body of the Student Union, the Representative Council of 60 members will be elected. All student union members, nearly 28,000 students are entitled to vote in the elections.

On the election days, campus areas are taken over by the campaigns of candidate groups, election tents, candy distributors and election ads. The elections are visible particularly in the vicinity of polling stations, such as outside Porthania at Yliopistonkatu Street. In the elections, students may vote at a total of 12 polling stations on the four campuses of the University. In addition, students may also vote in the offices of the UH in Lahti and Vaasa.


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Study Humanities and Social Sciences event 11.11.2014

1962163_10152403902978483_5624731444368432449_oCome and listen to the students’ experiences on student life, studying at the University of Helsinki and career prospects in the International Master’s Programmes in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. Event is open to everyone interested.

You can also follow the event through live webcast: http://yliopisto.helsinki.fi/fi/tiedekulma-live

Time: November 11, 2014, 15:30 – 17:00
Venue: Think Corner (Tiedekulma), Yliopistonkatu 3, street level, Helsinki
Language of the event: English
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Meet our Alumnus! “I would generally describe my studies in the RRE program as rewarding”

danielName: Danny Eastman
Study field: Religious Roots of Europe Master’s programme
Graduation year: 2013
Employer and position: PhD Student at Yale University

How did you end up in Finland and studying in the programme?

I came to Finland from South Korea, where I had been living for a couple years after finishing my undergraduate degree in history in the US. I wanted to continue my education, but I wasn’t yet ready to return to the US or to enroll in a very narrowly defined program.  I decided on the RRE program in Helsinki because of the wide breadth of coverage offered by the program, the chance to travel in Europe, and the obvious benefit of Finland’s universal free education policy.
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Finnish winter surprises

HThe Finnish way to survive the gloomy days of winter is to increase the consumption of coffee, but are there other ways to overcome the winter blues?

Gretchen Repasky“Avoid sitting inside waiting for summer. It will be a long time coming!” says Gretchen Repasky, employed at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM.

Originally from Alabama, USA, Repasky was used to winter temperatures before moving to Finland, but her first winter in Finland in 2010 still proved a memorable experience. It was the coldest winter in ages, with record amounts of snow.

“The most surprising thing to me was the excitement shown by most people to the snowy winter and the numbers of people outside all winter long. The snow provided a great environment for fun outdoor play,” Repasky reminisces.

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Grants for student organisations make many things possible

The University of Helsinki supports student organisations many ways.  For example  organisation can apply for a grant for study trips, organising seminars and congresses or visits by student organisations from abroad. Many dreams can be fulfilled with some financial help. Here is one story.

In September 2013, four students from the Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki were selected to represent the fictitious states of Amalea and Ritania in the “Case Concerning the Malachi Gap”. These students, under the helpful watch of two coaches, competed on behalf of Team Finland in the Philip C. Jessup International Mooting Competition 2014.


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Meet our Alumna! It’s impossible to understand the present if we don’t know the past.

lauraName: Laura Korhonen
Study field: Religious Roots of Europe Master’s programme
Graduation year: 2014
Employer and position: Kiuruvesi parish, Evangelical Lutheran pastor

How did you end up studying in the Religious Roots of Europe Master’s programme?

I was doing my bachelor’s degree in the University of Helsinki at the faculty of theology when Antti Marjanen came to my seminar to advertise the programme. I was immediately interested in the possibility to do my master’s in an international programme and international environment but still be able to live in Helsinki where I had already studied for three years. The combination of seminars in different cities abroad and studying from the comfort of your own home was most appealing. I was hooked with all the travelling that I would be able to do in this programme. Continue reading “Meet our Alumna! It’s impossible to understand the present if we don’t know the past.”

Helsinki Think Company expands to Viikki

The operations of the Helsinki Think Company entrepreneurial community are expanding from the City Centre Campus to Viikki. The premises, which bring together students, researchers and entrepreneurs, offer possibilities to network and refine new ideas into business operations.


Helsinki Think Company started as a collaborative effort between the City of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki and during its first year, it has helped tens of business teams. This autumn has seen the foundation of a volunteer association, which is putting the operations further into practice. Continue reading “Helsinki Think Company expands to Viikki”

SPARK*14 – hobbies, sports & services

Looking for an interesting hobby? Ready to try a new sport? Searching for a volunteering opportunity? Eager to get active in your community?
Spark*14 is a casual networking event where international students, professionals and families can explore and experience the many great opportunities various sports and hobby organizations, NGOs and public service providers in the Helsinki region have to offer. Come try out capoeira, archery or circus school, taste Maulito’s famous currywurst, and see the super talented Noah Kin perform a live gig!

DATE: 27 September 2014

TIME: 12.00 to 16.00

PLACE: Tapiolan Urheiluhalli, Urheilupuistontie 2, 02200 Espoo
PROGRAMME and HOW TO GET THERE -instructions: Click here!