The Fundaments of University Business Collaboration

University Industry Interaction Conference was held in Dublin this year and over 400 participants attended from all over the world. The three-day conference witnessed lively discussion on how to more efficiently facilitate cooperation between higher education institutions and businesses, including the public sector and NGOs. I attended workshops, heard several presentations, made new contacts and had eye-opening discussions – from all this I extrapolated the following three take-home messages relevant for establishing sound University-Business Collaboration (hereafter UBC).

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Dialogue as a bridge between science and business

The first person to introduce dialogue as a method was Plato. The word “dialogue” comes from ancient Greek where “dia” means “through” and “logos” means speech and reason: through speech. In the 20th century, many philosophers and researchers developed the theory of dialogue forward; many guide books were published, and dialogue also gained ground as a method for leadership. Continue reading