Case examples

The Copyright Council gives opinions how the Copyright Act should be interpreted. Its opinions are available on its web pages starting from year 1995  (only in Finnish). Earlier cases have been collected into the following books:

Tekijänoikeusneuvoston lausunnot 1988-1992
Aalto-Setälä Minna, Harenko Kristiina ja Mansala Marja-Leena.
Helsinki 1994
(only in Finnish)

Tekijänoikeusneuvoston lausunnot 1993-1995
(toim.) Harenko Kristiina, Niiranen Valtteri ja Waldén Jorma.

1996 (only in Finnish).

Opinions show very well what should be taken into account when copyright protected material is used. When you are reading the opinions you must, however, take into account that legislation may have changed after the opinion was given.