Creator(s) of the work

Natural person creating the work is considered the right owner. If several persons create the work together and their work contributions cannot be separated from each other to individual works they have copyright together in accordance with Article 6. They have created a joint work. The persons may work at the same time or at separate times. Each creator’s consent is needed to use such work but each creator is individually free to claim rights if copyrights are infringed.

If the work contribution of several creators may be separated from each other the work is not considered as joint work but a work containing works joined together. Each creator may dispose of its own work but the use of the whole work requires the consent of all creators. 

When someone modifies a work, e.g. by translating or altering a work to another art type, he may have copyright to the modified work in accordance with Article 4. The copyright of the original work cannot be infringed, though. If the modification may be regarded as new individual work and it has been created by freely transforming the work into something else, the copyright to the new work is not dependant on the copyright to the original work.

Opinions given by the Copyright Council: