Copyright protected work

According to Article 1 of the Finnish Copyright Act one who creates literal or artistic work has copyright to his work. As an example of such works are mentioned literal and spoken presentations, compositions, dramatic and photographic works, films and works of visual art, works of architecture and handicraft. As literal works are considered also maps, explanatory drawings, graphic or plastic works and computer programmes.

Also other works than specifically mentioned in the first article may be copyright protected.

A work is copyright protected if the work is the result of its creator’s original creative work.

Ideas and information in the work as such are not protected. Ethical principals may, however, regulate the use of ideas and information. See e.g. Good scientific practice and the handling of its infringements (in Finnish).

The whole work as well as part of the work may be protected if the part of the work may be considered as copyright protected work in itself.

If someone creates a literal or artistic compilation by combining works or parts of works he has copyright to the compilation according to Article 5. Copyright to compilation does not give copyright to the works gathered in the compilation but the compilation and the works in the compilation are protected separately.

Opinions given by the Copyright Council: