How to use copyright protected material within teaching

What is said here covers only material to which the Finnish Copyright Act is applied. See Application of the Finnish Copyright Act. When the Finnish provisions cannot be applied you have to see from other regulations what is allowed or ask permission to use the material from the creator.

Organisations representing the right holders are entitled to give licenses to use copyright protected material may also represent  foreign creators. You can ask the organisation if and on what conditions material created elsewhere may be used. See Licenses and orgnisations looking after the rights.

Every person whether teacher, researcher, student, person in administration or person outside the university has the right to decide how his/her copyright protected material may be used. Copyright protected material is freely available only to the extent the exceptions of the Copyright Act provide. See further Exceptions and different subchapters.

The terms of other kind of use must be agreed upon separately with the right holder(s). The right holder is not always the creator as the creator may have transferred his rights either wholly or partly. There may also be several right holders. See further Creator(s) of the work and how to use works made by several creators and How to acquire rights and co-operation projects.