Support for MSc thesis writing: Thesis camp at the Lammi Biological Station 24.-28.10.2022

Camp participants standing on front of the van.

Since 2007, the Master’s Programme in Geology and Geophysics has had a tradition of arranging MSc thesis camps or “Graduleiri” to smoothen the thesis writing process. The camp provides students with a week of total concentration on thesis writing without any disturbances or everyday chores.

The thesis camp was arranged during the examination and study week between periods 1 and 2 at the Lammi Biological Station with a total of 16 students attending this time. Each of them had single rooms and extra computer screens were available to those working on large data sets, etc. The students prepared a short 10-minute presentation about their thesis topic, research questions and a plan for the thesis camp. The presentations were discussed with their supervisors and given at a launch seminar on Monday. Each student arranged two supervision meetings with their supervisors, first at the beginning (or before) the camp, and then towards the end of the camp. On Friday, the camp finished with a final seminar, where everyone presented their outcomes for the week. Several supervisors were able to join the camp for a short time or even for the entire week. The students were invited to participate in workshops on specific themes, according to their needs, including: The thesis structure and thesis guidelines, writer’s block and how to overcome it, and separate sessions on how to boost one’s skills with statistical methods, tables, and diagrams, maps and figures.

Feedback from the camp once again proved that this format works well and is highly appreciated by the students and supervisors alike. In addition, the station’s excellent catering was valued, it kept energy levels on target. This year the camp also has a new component: regular follow-up meetings on campus to ensure that the work done during the camp will continue after returning to regular life.

Geo degree programme August board meeting // Geo-koulutusohjelmien elokuun johtoryhmäkokous

The geoscience degree programme boards kicked off the autumn semester in their joint meeting on Friday, 20 August. Preparations for the busy autumn of teaching are well underway in both degree programmes and also long-term planning is taking slow and steady steps towards better solutions for geoscience teaching in the future.

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Geo degree programme June board meetings // Geo-koulutusohjelmien kesäkuun johtoryhmäkokoukset

Geoscience degree programme boards had their last joint meeting on Friday, June 11 and the Geo^2 board met once more right before the mid-summer and beginning of the holiday season in order to approve the last six MSc theses for the academic year 2020–2021 on Thursday, June 24.

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Geo degree programme May board meeting // Geo-koulutusohjelmien toukokuun johtoryhmäkokous

MSc thesis supervision practices and increase of student intake were the main topics in the May 2021 geoscience degree programme board meeting that took place on Friday 21. Four master’s theses were also approved and the dates for the autumn 2021 semester board meetings were settled. The degree programme boards will still meet once jointly in June to conclude the spring semester and to further discuss the views on student intake issues. MSc theses will also be approved in an extra Geo^2 board meeting on June 24.

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Kevät nuorella laavakentällä – vaihtokokemus Islannissa!

Olen petrologian ja taloudellisen geologian maisteriopiskelija Helsingin yliopistossa ja vietin kevätlukukauden 2021 Islannissa vaihto-opiskelun merkeissä. Vaihto korona-aikaan on hieman poikkeuksellinen kokemus, mutta Islannissa koronatilanne on pysynyt koko kevään muuhun maailmaan verrattuna rauhallisena: tämän kevään pahimpana päivänä tapauksia todettiin 43. Continue reading “Kevät nuorella laavakentällä – vaihtokokemus Islannissa!”

Geo degree programme April board meeting // Geo-koulutusohjelmien huhtikuun johtoryhmäkokous

MSc theses formed a loose theme in the April geoscience degree programme board meeting. The GEO^2 board discussed MSc thesis grading issues, made decisions on approval of thesis grants, and proposed two grant nominees for the K.H. Renlund foundation’s “thesis of the year” award. Continue reading “Geo degree programme April board meeting // Geo-koulutusohjelmien huhtikuun johtoryhmäkokous”

Purkausterveiset Islannista!

Terveisiä Islannista! Olen Liisa Maunu, ensimmäisen vuoden maisteriopiskelija GEO^2-ohjelman petrologian ja taloudellisen geologian opintosuunnalla, ja vietän tämän kevätlukukauden vaihdossa Islannin yliopistossa. Viimeisin kuukausi on ollut täällä geologisesti äärimmäisen mielenkiintoinen. Kaikki alkoi helmikuun lopulla, kun Reykjanesin niemimaalla lähellä Reykjavíkia tapahtui 5,7 magnitudin maanjäristys, joka aloitti hyvin aktiivisen maanjäristysten sarjan. Pian satelliitit vahvistivat, että syynä maanjäristyksille on magman liike maankuoressa.

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