The GULAGECHOES Workshop: Christ Church, Oxford, March 25-27

Ryan Reed, 12.4.2024



Carceral Practices: A Theme of the Aleksanteri Conference, 2023

Judith Pallot, 11.12.2023



Pechersk District Court in Kyiv

The Impact of the War on Ukrainian Prisons, Pt. II


Mykhailo Romanov, 16.8.2023


Lepoglava: Towards an Alternative History of Incarceration in Socialist Yugoslavia?   

Brendan Humphreys, 19.05.2023


The impact of the war on conditions in Ukrainian prisons

Mykhailo Romanov, 08.05.2023



How many prisoners have been recruited by Wagner?

Judith Pallot, 12.04.2023


Criminal cultures and criminal figures in the Soviet Union and the Post-Soviet space: workshop report

Costanza Curro, 19.09.2022


Escapes concealing death: the importance of regional archives for clarification of GULAG death toll

Mikhail Nakonechnyi, 24.3.2022


Will there be camps?

Judith Pallot and Brendan Humphreys, 20.03.2022


What lies behind FSIN’s promoting of “forced labour used as an alternative to deprivation of liberty”?

Judith Pallot, 19.8.2021


Why does the geography of Stalin’s Terror matter, and how do we study it?

Sofia Gavrilova, 07.07.2021



Bamlag’s lingering shadow

Mikhail Nakonechnyi, 03.06.2021



Thirty days in ‘Kremlin Central’: The Detention of Alexei Navalny

Judith Pallot, 24.01.2021



What awaits convicted protesters sentenced to the Zona in Belarus

Judith Pallot, 20.11.2020



Lessons of the recent past: From Tuberculosis to COVID-19 in Russia’s prisons

Judith Pallot, 14.10.2020



Caught in Russia’s prison-pandemic nexus

Olga Zeveleva, 20.09.2020



The veil of secrecy: How did the Soviet government quell epidemics in prisons?

Mikhail Nakonechnyi, 13.07.2020



Muslim prisoners in Russia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Rustamjon Urinboyev, 17.06.2020



Prisons and the typhus/typhoid epidemic of 1908-1910: How the Russian Imperial penal system contained the outbreak

Mikhail Nakonechnyi, 19.05.2020


Prisons and the cholera epidemic of 1892-1893: How the Russian Imperial penal system contained the outbreak

Mikhail Nakonechnyi, 05.05.2020



Living in prison: Responses to COVID-19 in Georgia’s penal system and implications for how we think about the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’

Costanza Curro, 24.04.2020


Prison riots and the COVID-19 pandemic: A global uprising?

Olga Zeveleva, 15.04.2020



Coronavirus in prisons, a global perspective: Tracking policy responses, releases, and riots

Olga Zeveleva, 01.04.2020