Transdisciplinary / Historical research workshop “Politics of memory: Nordic experiences of dealing with historical legacies” , Copenhagen, Denmark

The workshop supported by ReNEW Excellence Hub “Re-Imagining Norden in an Evolving World” was held March 27, 2019  at the Copenhagen Business School. Dr Larisa Kangaspuro was invited. She gave the presentation “Behind Finnish prison`s “success story””. Larisa’s presentation discussed the historical basis how the Finnish penal model was developed in the 19th Century when the Grand Duchy of Finland was a part of the Russian Empire. She focused particularly on the questions, how did the unique conditions of that period of Finnish history positive affect the creation of a modern prison system and did Russian official and public debates influence the development of Finnish criminal justice.


The Aleksanteri Institute at the University of Helsinki (Faculty of Arts) invites applications for a
for a fixed term of THREE YEARS.

The postdoctoral researcher will work in a project funded by the European Research Council, “GULAGECHOES”, led by Professor Judith Pallot. The project’s aim is to examine the impact of the system of penality developed in the Soviet gulag on the ethnic identification, social relationships and political association of prisoners in the Soviet Union and the communist successor states.

Applications are invited by 28 April 2019. See here the full job description and application instructions.

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The Third Nordic Challenges Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

The ReNEW conference 2019 on ‘Nordic challenges’ focused on how democratic institutions and practices as well as culture and values are changing in response to the multiple global challenges. The conference was held March 6-8, 2019 at the Copenhagen Business School. A participant from our project, Dr Larisa Kangaspuro, gave a presentation “Prison Rehabilitation. The Finnish Experience”.


Workshop 9-10.02.2019 for the project GULAGECHOES: Ethnicity in the Russian Prison System

The launch of the ERC Project GULAGECHOES took place on the weekend of the 9-10 February. Twenty people, including members of the project’s Advisory Board and prospective team members attended the workshop. On Saturday morning, Professor Pallot introduced the project outlining its aims and objectives, and identifying its principal challenges.  The participants present who will be involved in various different capacities in the research, learned from this how their individual contributions will fit into the wider picture.  After the Introduction, there were presentations by participants describing the findings of the project’s pilot study, the sources and methodologies that will be being used and pre-existing research relevant to the project’s research questions.

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