Autumn’s best lingonberry tart

This Wednesday’s recipe, lingonberry tart, is a delicious version of the classical Finnish desert Grandma’s berry tart (mummon marjapiirakka). I’ve, once again, modified recipes that I’ve read or heard of. For example, the crumble on top adds some texture which is why I always make a bit more dough than is needed.

I usually try to add whole grain flours to every pastry I make, but with lingonberries they go especially well together, so if you’re used to using only fine, all-purpose wheat flour, I warmly recommend trying out the graham flour crust! I love pies that are moist and that have a lot of flavours other than just sugar and butter, so I used lots of berries. If you’re more into sweet things, add some sugar to the filling, or, alternatively, you can also leave some lingonberries out which will make the tart less sour.

Since it’s the lingonberry season, the amount needed for this pie won’t take long, so go and enjoy the colourful autumn forest with a little berry basket!

For the crust:

100 g butter (or 75 g butter and 3 tbs rapeseed oil)

1 dl sugar

1 egg

1 dl wheat flours

2 dl graham flours

1 tps baking powderFor the filling:

200 g sour cream (kermaviili)

1 egg

0,5 dl sugar

2 tsp vanilla sugar

7 dl lingonberries (whole ones and / or crushed, I used 4 dl of crushed and 3 dl whole berries)

Batter room temperature butter and sugar, then add the egg. Combine rest of the crust’s ingredients together and add them to the batter and mix. Press the dough to a tart dish, I used one with a diameter of 30 cm. If you use a tin pan, greasy it or use parchment paper.

If you use only one kind of lingonberries (either whole ones or crushed), combine all the filling ingredients and spread onto the crust. If you use both kinds of berries, leave the whole ones out and mix everything else together. After you’ve spread the filling onto the crust, spread the berries on top.

Cut off the extra dough above the filling and crumble it on top of the tart. Bake in 200° in the middle level for about 25 minutes.

Let cool and serve with vanilla ice cream or custard, enjoy!