TOM 13.12.2017

Venue: Biomedicum 1, Meeting room 8-9, P-floor

Timing: 15:30 onwards

Presenter: Chiara Facciotto, PhD student

Interactive visualizations in R using Shiny and Plotly

The first step of downstream data analysis usually involves data exploration through different types of visualizations such as barplots, boxplots, histograms, scatterplots and heatmaps. This can be a quite tedious step, often requiring to adjust parameters or to analyze different subsets of data. Moreover, browsability of the data by project collaborators can be difficult due to data sharing policies.

In this talk I will show how to use Shiny and Plotly, two R packages, to produce interactive custom-made visualizations that can be used to explore your data and that can be shared as online apps with your collaborators. Feel free to bring your computer with you if you want to try to build your own app.