About Kompleksi r.y.

Kompleksi r.y. is the student organization for Psychology students at the University of Helsinki founded in 1947. The organization is entirely run by students. The purpose of the organization is to represent Psychology students at the faculty, contribute to the quality of teaching, and ensure that the students’ rights and needs are met.

Kompleksi arranges social and study-related events to enrich students’ social life and facilitate the development of professional identity and skills of the psychologists-to-be. The events range from different excursions and work-life relates events to student cultural happenings and celebrations.

We warmly welcome all exchange students to our events and our international tutors will guide you into our community. The upcoming events can be found on page “Events”, and our magazine “Kompleksi-lehti” (in Finnish), which is released four times a year, is found on the top bar of the website.

Kompleksi r.y.’s equality issues report form

In case you have experienced inequality in Kompleksi ry. related to sex, age, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, beliefs, opinions, state of health, sexual orientation or any other particular trait, you can report this by filling out the equality issues report form. The answers will be processed confidentially by the representative for equality issues in Kompleksi ry. You can contact the representative with this form or directly via email. You can choose to attach your personal information or stay anonymous. Please indicate if you have wishes of how you want the case to be handled. With the form, you can also inform of more general equality issues at Kompleksi ry., studies, or University of Helsinki in general.

All information about inequality is valuable for us to make improvements.


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