Another project member starts full time work

Oula Seitsonen started working full time in the project in March. He has been involved in the archaeological research of World War II and other recent past sites since 2007, and directed our pilot surveys and excavations in Inari in 2009. Oula starts working on a PhD project on the material heritage of Hitler’s Arctic war both during and after the World War II. He is an archaeological odd-job man and will be in charge of the archaeological and geographical information systems studies in the project.

Oula’s first week is pretty much summed up by this photo series:

Monday: a desk


Tuesday: took a tablet along


Wednesday-Thursday: a heap of cardboard boxes had appeared, and out of them appeared heaps of wires and electronic things for time-consuming installation


Friday: Back in business


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About Oula Seitsonen

An archaeologist and geographer working with varying things in various places, e.g. Mongolia, Tanzania, and Russia (basically with whatever pays my bills). I like for example Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Stone Age, contemporary and conflict archaeology, and lithics.