What is new in Moodle 3.1?

Moodle was updated to a new version 3.1.4 on 10th January 2017.

Changes in the new version:

  • Grading Assignment submissions has got smoother by showing all elements on one screen. The teacher can annotate uploaded PDFs within the browser, and on saving, the annotated file is made available to the student. It is recommended to advice students to upload their submissions in PDF format.
  • The teacher can easily restore deleted items by the new Recycle bin. The content will be permanently deleted after two weeks.
  • When a Folder resource contains many files, students and teachers can download them all in a zipped file.
  • Teachers can now pin important forum posts to the top of the discussion, making them more visible to all.
  • Everybody can now easily link to forum posts by the new permalink feature.

Read more about the new features.

Please note that there are also some functionalities generally available within Moodle 3.1. version that the University of Helsinki will not be taking into use. These include:

  • CBE – Competence based education
  • Global search
  • Tags
  • Annotating other than PDF files
  • LTI tools
  • Metalinked courses

If you have any questions about the new version of Moodle, please contact moodle @ helsinki.fi

Watch a video about Moodle 3.1. highlights: