Training Moodle Group work on Wed 6th April at 3-5 pm

This training is in Finnish.

Registration in SAP Suffeli.

You can use the tools supporting group work in the Moodle online learning environment to support students’ group work as follows:

  • Create separate discussion forums for groups
  • Accept group work and assess it so that all group members receive there grades at the same time
  • Share/hide assignments and resources for different groups

After the training, you will:

  • Be able to create groups and enable students to develop their own groups
  • Understand the differences between the visible and different group types and be able to choose the type suited for your course
  • significance of interaction in online teaching and learning, and will have learned about the pedagogical practices of group development
  • know how to start using group features, for example, in a discussion forum and in returning assignments.

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Also remeber The Digipeda Cafe on Thursdays!


Order training

If there is no suitable training available at a time that works for you, please just email us at and we can provide individual consultations and group training for you and your colleagues. See Moodle & MOOC training (Flamma).