I have spend much of today in updating this website contents, especially Finnish Luther and Lutheran-Orthodox sites. Much is still missing but there is a firm commitment to do the updates until today properly. As I’m spending the next week in Leuven libraries, I can browse through materials effectively.

My new website opens

Dear all,

I am right now opening my new website in this address. Welcome! My old website at www.helsinki.fi/~risaarin will stop working at Christmastime 2013. All relevant materials from that are now being transported here, with lots of updates slowly coming, especially to the Luther Studies in Finland and Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue sites.

This new site works in tandem with the TUHAT website in which University of Helsinki scholars document their research work. While TUHAT organizes these materials chronologically, my sites Books, Collected Studies and Julkaisuja enable a thematic approach to my research.

My hope is that I can add one post per week to this “Home” section, describing my ongoing activities. Let us see how well I can follow this commitment!