Fall 2015


The months from September to December 2015 were busy, not least because of a variety of different University reforms. We had, however, some highlights in our Recognition project. Most importantly, we conducted successfully the wildcard session in AAR Atlanta, 21 Nov. See the two pictures above, depicting the stage, audience and our people.

From 16 to 18 December, we organized a very nice colloquium on recognition issues in pragmatism in Helsinki with 10 Japanese and 5 other international guests.

I also had two lecture trips to Humboldt-Uni Berlin, first to Antijudaismus-conference (5-7 Oct), then to Sekularisation-Tagung (27-28 Nov). Both conferences will appear as books from Mohr Siebeck, edited by Profs Wendebourg and Dalferth. Still another highlight was the presentation of my love book in the National Book Fair in Oct 22, in front of a big audience.

The new year 2016 starts with three conferences in Helsinki. First, I speak on the Nordic Conference on Systematic Theology (8 Jan), then in the co-passion seminar (https://blogs.helsinki.fi/copassion/copassion-seminar/) on 12 Jan (photos below). On 15 Jan, I will introduce Alister McGrath and other prominent speakers in the Helsinki Analytic Theology workshop, sponsored by our CoE and Templeton foundation. On 18 Jan, I will depart to FIIT Heidelberg and stay there until the end of February.