Lutheran Orthodox Joint Commission


From 29 April to 5 May we had the 16th plenary of Global Lutheran – Orthodox Commission in which I work continuously since 1995. This time we discussed ordained ministry in the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece. We could not yet produce a joint statement on this challenging topic but continue to work towards it. All earlier statements are found in this website under Lutheran – Orthodox Dialogue.

Time flies

I have spent most of the last six months writing: the history of the concept of recognition is now about 60 % ready, and my Finnish textbook On Love will be published in January 8, 2015. The pieces for Cambridge History of Theology and Springer Encyclopedia of Renaissance Philosophy have been submitted, and so have the papers given for Societas Oecumenica in Budapest and for Moehler Institute in Erfurt.

A special highlight was the meeting of our CoE Advisory Board in 14-15 November with Professors Jeanrond, Lieu and Parmentier. Several people from my CoE were also at the AAR in San Diego, but I stayed home, writing. The last highlight of 2014 will be the defense of Panu Pihkala’s diss on December 19, with Robert Saler as opponent.