Happy holidays from AGORA!

The year has gone by fast and the winter break is almost here! We all in AGORA want to wish you a happy end of the year! Before going on holiday we want to celebrate with you the accomplishments of AGORA this year.

First of all, we have had new professors and lecturers at the AGORA-centre and we want to warmly welcome you all among us. AGORA is a place where everyone can contribute to its future, so it is open to any of your suggestions and ideas. Organize an event for example! On the 14.12. we organized an event called Yksilö järjestelmässä – Järjestelmä yksilössä, where the subject of youths position in the web of support systems and projects was addressed. We had very interesting conversations.

There are many research and development projects ongoing in AGORA and international relations have taken a step forward too during this year. Projects are on the run in themes of for example transnational policies and educational practices in the era of multiple crises, social justice, equality & diversity, economic austerity, wellbeing & mental health, democratic education etc.

The national equality network gave an honorary award to the University of Helsinki for the AGORA’s TASOVA-project for it’s contribution to the work being done in the field of equality and diversity. Next year AGORA will start equality work in the faculty and in teacher education and on the 19th of March we are planning to organize a high-profile event on the subject of equality and diversity. We will visit the national board of education and the ministry of education on multiple occasions to talk about human rights, social justice and the policies and practices of education.

This year has also been a year of international networking. We have met with our international co-workers in the Nordic countries, Europe and Australia and gathered around subjects of children, young people and mental health, social exclusion, marketisation of education etc. We are also planning on applying for new fundings, e.g. higher education, vocational education, teacher education and cross-sectoral support systems. If you are interested in these themes let’s meet!

Have a relaxing vacation!