Welcome to Climate University workshop ‘Circular Economy and Renewable Energy’ in Lahti 10.-11.6.2019!

How to integrate climate change solutions and circular economy in teaching? What climate related projects are currently going on in the Lahti region? Warmly welcome to the workshop that is arranged as part of the Climate University project! The venue is the new Lahti campus Mukkula.

On Monday focus is e.g. on how Finland’s climate policy is put into practice in the Lahti region (Canemure project); how the City of Lahti offers companies opportunities for climate partnerships with Lahti Region Development and Lahti University of Applied Sciences (“Ilmastohaaste”); and how Lahti, as the first city in the world, trial a personal carbon trading scheme (CitiCAP project).

Tuesday starts with an excursion to renewable energy and waste/recycling facilities in the region. We visit Kymijärvi power plant, where a new bioenergy plant is being built in order to replace use of coal in 2020, and Kujala waste and recycling centre. The afternoon continues with how to integrate the digital learning material circular.now in teaching, and how to strengthen the connections to working life.

Please find the program here. The two-day workshop is held in English.

Sign up for the workshop here (until 3.6.): https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/84CA1FA04D5BD321.par

Please feel free to forward the invitation.