Climate University new vision and strategy for 2023-2027

Over the last couple of years, the Climate University has created high-quality online learning materials through multidisciplinary collaboration and established a large network of developers, teachers and users of Climate University courses. To ensure the continuity of our activities and identify new goals for the Climate University, we created a strategy working group at the CU Annual Meeting in Tampere in December 2022. The Climate University strategy 2023-2027 has been workshopped with the Climate University coordinators from each member institutions and accepted in coordinator meeting 24.5.2023. We decided to establish six Action Groups open for anyone and led by the CU coordinators.

We invite you to join us at the Learning Café at the Sustainability Science Days in Helsinki on 24.5.2023 to learn more about the vision and strategy and contribute to shaping the future of the Climate University!

Vision 2023-2027

Mission – why

We educate competencies the society needs to tackle the challenges of climate change and the sustainability crisis.


  • Re-think and respect for planet and people
  • Science-based trustworthiness
  • Openness and sharing
  • Interdisciplinary and cross-boundary collaboration
  • Bravery

Vision – what

Climate University is a brave forerunner in educating active sustainability makers for the society and business.

From vision to strategic aims

  1. Being a brave forerunner
    • Climate University is visible and recognized as an expert network and actor in climate and sustainability education in Finland.
    • Climate University courses are recognized as top-level material in climate change and sustainability education.
    • Climate University is a wanted partner in collaboraiton.
    • All HEIs in Finland join our network.
    • New international partners collaborate with us.
  2. Educating active sustainability makers
    • Network recognizes competence needs in the society.
    • Network co-designs education and provides quality materials for online teaching and learning.
    • Climate University has easy-access clear practices and a welcoming community.
    • Climate University provides students opportunities for action and networking.
  3. For the society and business
    • Our network promotes climate and sustainability actions in collaboration with society and business.



Action group 1: Coordination

Aim: Keeping CU up and running

Actions: Coordinator meetings, agreements, annual meetings, internal communications, network development, funding


Action group 2: Courses

Aim: CU courses are top-level material in climate change and sustainability education

Actions: Update courses (content and teaching methods + structure), new course initiatives, develop the platforms (student enrolment, digicampus…), pedagogical development


Action group 3: Communication

Aim: Inspiring people to participate

Actions: Develop website, blog, course advertisement, visual material; create a welcoming and lively atmosphere


Action group 4: Societal collaboration

Aim: CU is a wanted partner in collaboration

Actions: Societal collaboration with public, private and citizen sector organisations, as well as lower levels of education [schools]; life-long learning initiatives (including climate expert specialization education); preparing for funding opportunities


Action group 5: Academic collaboration

Aim: Sparking academic discussions around climate change and sustainability topics

Actions: Develop teacher network, find new ways for student engagement; mapping competencies and needs (for new CU courses); research done at CU and about CU


Action group 6: International collaboration

Aim: CU becomes international

Actions: Develop a strategy to expand beyond Finnish HEIs


Join the action groups

Here you can indicate your interest in joining one, or several, of the action groups:


Welcome Karelia UAS!

Karelia University of Applied Sciences has joined Climate University network – warmly welcome! We are now a network of 28 Higher Education Institutions. All students from these institutions can take Climate University courses from each other’s curricula for free.

– Joining the network is a way to offer all Karelia students, as part of their studies, the opportunity to increase their understanding of very important and current themes, such as circular economy systems. We also encourage our teachers to participate in courses and increase their knowledge of these issues, says vice-rector Pekka Auvinen.

Climate University coordinators in Karelia UAS are Salla Anttila and Kim Wrange.