Human Evolution and hominin diets 8.-10.10.2012

We are proud to announce, unfortunately at very short notice, a short course in evolutionary palaeontology by a world leader in the field:

Human Evolution and hominin diets by Peter Ungar, 1/2 cr

Date: 08.10.2012 -10.10.2012

Registration and questions by email to aleksis.karme at or mikael.fortelius at The lectures are open to everybody but for practical reasons the number who can attend the practicals is limited. If you wish to attend the practicals we ask you to tell us a little about your background and (briefly!) why you should be selected to the course.
IMPORTANT: Registration ends this week, Thursday 4.10.2012. Decisions on Friday.

Peter Ungar, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor and Chair of Anthropology
University of Arkansas

Target audience:
All students

Languages of instruction:

Day 1.  Survey of the early hominins. Species-by-species summary of the fossil evidence from Sahelanthropus at up to 7 Ma to early Homo sapiens.
Practicals: Hands-on museum visit; open laboratory to examine and discussion fossil casts.
Day 2.  Approaches to reconstructing diet in fossil primates including early hominins.
Practicals: Microwear, 3D dental GIS and shearing quotient analysis.
Day 3.  Specific lecture on early hominin diets.
Practicals and afternoon lecture in EEB seminar

Lectures 1 cr / Lectures and practicals 2 cr

Attendance, Pass/Fail.

Lectures on Monday 9.15-12.00 and Tuesday 10.15-12.00 in C222-EXA and Wednesday 9.15-12.00 in B222-EXA.
Practicals on Monday 13.15-16.00 in the Geological Museum (Snellmaninkatu 3), Tuesday 13.15-16.00 C107-PHY and Wednesday 13.15-14.15 in C107-PHY and 14.45-16.00 in EEB-seminar in Viikki.

Everybody welcome and please feel free to distribute!

Aleksis Karme & Mikael Fortelius