Topics on Himalaya

Material of the course: Topics on Himalaya

Graduate School will organize an intensive course about Himalaya lectured by prof. T. Ahmad, University of Delhi.
Graduate School will cover travel and accommodation expenses for PhD students in Oulu and Turku. The cource will take place at the Department of Geosciences and geography, University of Helsinki


Program: (Place: C108, Department of Geosciences and geography, division of Geology, Starting time 10:15 (3.10.2011)
3rd October: Physiographic and lithotectonic subdivisions of the Himalaya, major thrusts and their boundaries, rise and denudation of the mountain belt, Himalayan syntaxes
4th October: Igneous and metamorphic rocks of Himalaya – correlation with Precambrian Indian Shield and their evolution
5th October: Purana Basins (Precambrian) and Paleozoic  Basins of Himalaya – correlation with Indian Peninsula and their evolution
6th October: Tectonics of the Himalaya: Palaeogeography in the context of India/Asia collision: subduction of Indian plate, ophiolitic suites of the Himalaya. Development of thrusts and crustal thickening in the Himalayas
7th October: Sedimentation  and  evolution of Himalayan foreland basin (Cenozoic). Major faunal records of the Himalayan sequences Seismicity in the Himalayas.

Suggested Readings:
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2, geological society of India, Bangalore.
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